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Bible Words and What They Mean (continued)

We need to understand the definition of words that are commonly used in the Bible so we can understand what God

is saying to us.  Next to the Bible verse for each day, you will find the definition of one or two of the words used

in the verse. 

Saturday, Nov. 21: Exodus 20:17.  Covet means to want something that belongs to someone else, to be jealous or greedy.


Sunday, Nov. 22:  John 19:15-18.   Crucifixion was a cruel form of punishment used by the Romans to punish criminals.  It involved nailing a

person to a wooden cross and leaving them there until they died.  Jesus never sinned, but He took the punishment for our sin when He died on

the cross.


Monday, Nov. 23:  Exodus 25:10.  Cubit was a measure of length, about the length of an average man’s forearm—18 inches.


Tuesday, Nov. 24: Luke 6:27-31.  Curse sometimes means something that causes harm or misery.  Other times it means to say angry,

bad words to hurt others.


Wednesday, Nov. 25: Daniel 1:8-9, 15.  Defile means to treat something sacred or special with violent disrespect.


Thursday, Nov. 26:  Isaiah 38:1-5.  In the Bible, devotion means love, loyalty, and worship of God.


Friday, Nov. 27:  John 13:34.  Disciple is a follower of Jesus.


Saturday, Nov. 28:  I Timothy 4:12, 16.  Doctrine means the truths taught in the Bible.  These are the important fact that Christians believe.


Sunday, Nov. 29: Philippians 1:9-11.  Discern means to recognize or understand something.  Discernment means to have understanding of

spiritual things.


Monday, Nov. 30:  Acts 12:1-5.  Earnestly means very seriously, with intense conviction.