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What is God like?

He is powerful, He is faithful, He is good, He is merciful, He is righteous, and He is wise.



Thursday, Oct. 22:   Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 2:1-3.  God is so strong and so powerful, nothing Is too difficult for God to do.  Another word

that means all-powerful is omnipotent.  Only God is omnipotent.  Because God is all-powerful, He created the world.


Friday, Oct. 23:  Colossians 1:16-17.  Because God is all-powerful, He controls nature.


Saturday, Oct. 24: Jeremiah 32:17 and Luke 1:37.  Because God is all-powerful, nothing is too hard for Him.


Sunday, Oct. 25: Isaiah 28:29.  To be wise is to have a deep understanding.  God is wise.


Monday, Oct. 26: II Timothy 2:13:  Faithful means keeping your promises. God is faithful.   


Tuesday, Oct. 27:  Revelation 1:8.  God has no beginning and He has no end.  No one created God.  He has always existed.  This is called

“infinite.” This is hard to understand, but the Bible teaches us it is true.


Wednesday, Oct. 28:  Hebrews 4:16.   God is gracious.  Grace is when we get something good that we don’t deserve.  God gives us

good things even though we haven’t done anything to earn them.


Thursday, Oct. 29:   Hebrews 13:8.  God is always the same, He doesn’t change.  The  word that describes this is “immutable.”


 Friday, Oct. 30:  Psalm 100:4-5.  God is merciful.  Mercy is when we deserve punishment, but we aren’t punished.  Another way to say it is

we don’t get something bad that we deserve.


Saturday, Oct. 31: James 1:13.  God is righteous.  He cannot sin.  He always does the right thing.