"Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives me."                                        Jesus in Matthew 18:5...

Isn't that a wonderful truth! As we receive those little ones, it's as if we're receiving Him! Did you know that 85% of the people that come to know Jesus are between the ages of 4-14? As Tim Kimmel says, "Childhood is where life is making up it's mind." And in recent years we're seeing more and more children who don't know who Jesus is--not even the Jesus of Christmas. This is truly the world's most fruitful mission field!

Here are just a few of the ways you can serve:

Teachers: Even if you've never taught before, training is provided, and there are mentors available to assist you in learning how to teach God's Word to children. 

Memory Verse Teachers: You can have a part in showing children how to hide God's Word in their heart.  Psalm 119:11

Small Group Leader: We like to our students to have an opportunity during club time to meet in a small group, so they can ask questions and tell prayer needs. As a small group leader, you may be the only Christian the child knows personally!

Song Leaders: Children love to sing and singing is a special way to learn God's Word. Songs and cd's are provided.

Administrative: Would you like to keep track of attendance, points, updating the roster, making a snack schedule, etc? There's a lot to coordinate with club each week. This person is very important to a smooth running club.

Prayer Warriors: We need intercessors to cover the clubs with prayer as we're on the front lines reaching children for Jesus.

Outside the Classroom: If you are unable to help in the classroom, you can always participate by donating snacks for our hungry clubbers.

If you'd like to give a monetary gift, Follow the Son Bible Club donations are tax-deductible. Did you know it takes about $1000 to fund one Bible Club for the year? Perhaps your church or Bible study would like to "adopt" a Bible Club. One church, Monterey Baptist in Albuquerque provides all the workers for one club and also all the Bibles, administrative supplies, and snacks for this club. This year we're trying to start a program to help interested Bible Clubbers get plugged into local churches.

 If you'd like to give financially to Follow the Son Bible Club, you can mail the check to P.O. Box 3212 Edgewood NM 87015. We are a 501(c)3, so donations are tax-deductible. You can also give through United Way.

Our public schools are an important part of the Jerusalem that Jesus talked about in Acts 1:8.  Don't miss the opportunity of being involved in this most fruitful mission field!


Background Checks:   Background checks are done on all Follow the Son Bible Club workers.

For more information about getting involved, e-mail Gail at Sonfollower@reagan.com