When the sun goes down in the sky, and everything gets darker, it would be a sad thing to watch if we didn’t know that the next day the sun would rise again, right? Yet it continues to rise. It is one of God’s greatest miracles; it gives us great hope, and we see it every day. 
 Two thousand years ago, some people didn’t know when Jesus died on the cross whether they would ever see Him again. He had told them many times that He would die and then come back to life, but a lot of people didn’t understand what He was talking about. What they did know was that they loved Jesus very much, and now that they met Him, they never wanted to be without Him. 
 That’s how it is for us. Now we know about Jesus, can we imagine anyone greater? Would we want to go back to  where we did not know Jesus? Of course not! That would be sad.  
 Easter is the day when we celebrate the fact that like the sun does, the Son of God rose again. And because Jesus rose again, we are promised that we too will rise again in a place God has created for us. Just as people did not have to say good-bye to Jesus, just as we do not have to say good-bye to the sun as it goes down, we never have to say good-bye to each others, because we know that we can see each other again in heaven. 
 Easter is celebrated once a year, but the promise never goes away. Every day, there it is. It is God’s greatest miracle; it gives us great hope, and we can see it every day.

The Lord is risen indeed!  Luke 24:34

                   Two wonderful helps for you!


There’s a neat cell phone app called:                                God’s Word—Hide it!    It encourages children to memorize scripture. Users are able to explore verses through puzzles and songs.



Children can also learn more about God through the Truth Chasers Club. These are Bible correspondence lessons.

Starter lessons may be ordered by calling   (800) 300-4033, ext. 1351 or write to Truth Chasers Club, PO Box 190, Warrenton, MO 63383-0190.